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As we have stated, you do not have to register to contribute to the site. 
We invite everyone to join in, write a review, and give their opinion.

However, some of you may find you enjoy writing reviews.  It can be very satisfying.  You may find that you would like to contribute more, and have the time to let others in on your experience.  You can do that here, by posting anonymously, or by becoming a Registered Reviewer.

Registered Reviewers are cooler than everyone else.  Simple as that.  They take the time to share their experiences and help others avoid bad food, bad service, or a bad experience with an unscrupulous merchant. 

Because they are cool, people put more stock in what they say.  Soon, they have a following.  Then, perhaps, a devoted fan club.  Then, perhaps, their leadership is revealed, and the populace unites to elect them to political office eventually leading our humble reviewer to Master of the Universe. 

While we can't guarantee you will become Master of the Universe, have you ever noticed how restaurant critics and other types of reviewers get the best service?  We can't promise you that either, but why wouldn't you?  When you become a registered reviewer, your opinion will matter.  People will read it.  Really!  No kidding.

As you contribute more and more to the web site, you will be ranked at various levels:  (* This applies ONLY to registered reviewers.  We cannot keep track of your frequency of reviews if we do not know who you are.  You can't become Master of the Universe if nobody knows who you are.)

  1. Bronze:  Frequent reviews, submits at least twice per month (somewhat cool)
  2. Silver: Frequent reviews,  submits at least four times per month (cool)
  3. Gold:  Frequent reviews,  submits at least 8 times per month (very cool)
  4. Platinum: Very frequent reviews,  submits more than 8 times per month a.k.a.  "ultra-cool"